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When taking action against this pest, cutting off sources of shelter is essential, as they cannot survive as part of a large population when they have little space to raise their young or create nests.

HOW TO IDENTIFY A PROBLEM WITH MICE? You may see what look like little grains of black rice. These are mouse droppings and they are a clear sign that you have a problem. Gnaw marks on food or surfaces.

  Mice have tails that are as long as their bodies


  A mouse can jump down 12 feet without hurting itself


  Mice can run up any vertical surface including wood, brick, sheet metal, cables and pipes


 Mice will gather food and then store it for later use




Popular indications that you may have a mouse infestation problem include:

  • Droppings – mice produce a large amount of faeces which is small and dark and can be scattered where they’ve been so check your cupboards and surfaces.
  • Smear marks – they have regular routes and will leave dirty marks behind them.
  • Significant damage to goods, such as holes and gnaw marks – mice chew anything and everything.
  • Urine pillars – up to 4 cm high can be created by these tiny creatures if in a high infestation.
  • Nests – mice reproduce up to 10 times a year so nests are an important part of their life cycle. They use shredded soft materials such as paper and card to make their nests in places like lofts, cavity walls, behind fridges, washing machines etc or under floorboards.
  • Noise – being nocturnal by nature means that you’re likely to hear them scurrying about at night when your house is quiet.
  • Smell – along with droppings, mice produce a lot of urine which has a strong ammonia smell and can often lead you to where they are located.

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