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Fleas can jump the equivalent distance of a person jumping over a football field.


Fleas can jump the equivalent distance of a person jumping over a football field.

HOW TO IDENTIFY IF YOU HAVE A FLEA PROBLEM? Most people will realise they have a problem when they, or a family member, are bitten.

  Fleas on average jump about 8 inches high


  The cat flea has been known to leap to a height of 34cm


  Flea larvae pupate in a silken cocoon


  Check your pets! You may see them crawling in their fur.




Following a single blood meal, a female flea will lay more than one hundred eggs in cat fur, and any area where this pet may be found. The eggs will fall off after a couple of weeks and hatch; the larvae will then be found in places like animal beds and carpets.

Then, the larva will fashion a cocoon in which to mature and, up to two weeks after, adult fleas will emerge. Though fleas can survive as long as one year without feasting, they will not be able to reproduce if they do not have access to blood meals.



This pest can carry and pass on diseases, as well as parasitic worms. For example, dog and cat fleas play host to dog tapeworm, and this can be passed to humans too. 



Please see the below guidelines for preparing the property for treatment:

  • Make sure there are no small items on the floor
  • Vacuum clean the entire house before disposing safely of the bag
  • Keep in mind that during treatment, all carpets will be sprayed, and you must vacate the property for a minimum of four hours (this includes pets)
  • Following flea control treatment, avoid vacuum cleaning the property for at least two weeks

Below we have compiled some general advice too:

  • Invest in a flea collar for your pet
  • Thoroughly check your pet for any signs of fleas, as well as brushing them down with a specialist comb and treating them with a suitable, approved product
  • Stick to best hygiene practices
  • Regularly treat your pet’s bedding

Or, if you need to speak to an expert about flea control for your home, get in touch today. We’d be happy to help.

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