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Spiders are Arachnids not insects. Spiders are similar to insects in that spiders have an exoskeleton and jointed legs


Spiders are Arachnids not insects. Spiders are similar to insects in that spiders have an exoskeleton and jointed legs

HOW TO IDENTIFY IF YOU HAVE A SPIDER PROBLEM? The obvious sign is a dramatic increase in the formation of webs everywhere

  All spiders produce silk


  There are 7 types of silk glands and spinnerets, but no spider has all 7 types


  Spiders use silks to make webs, nests & cocoons for protection for their offspring


  Spiders crawl, but jumping spiders can jump as well





Spiders are amazing creatures, having been part of human lore and mythology for thousands of years. Few creatures have the ability to evoke such fear, fascination, wonder, and even admiration as the spider. Because of how very important spiders are to the environment, we should tolerate spiders whenever possible. However, when nuisance spiders make your home feel dirty, give us a call.

Many homes suffer from spider invasion and for some, this can be rather distressing.

Spiders enter the home through a variety of holes, cracks and crevices and once in, they can survive and breed quite happily.

Entry points include cavity wall vents, door and window frames, under roof facia soffits and around poorly sealed pipework.

Once in spiders will tend to be located around the ceiling/wall junctions and the wall/floor junctions, behind furniture and fittings and particularly in the roof void.

Spiders are to some extent beneficial in the home by removing some flies but their webs and faeces can become unsightly


  • Typically not. Most spiders in our area are harmless to people.

  • All spiders have venom and are therefore venomous. However, only a few spiders are considered dangerous to humans, such as brown recluse and black widow spiders.

  • Spiders are shy and not aggressive; they will usually try to escape when confronted.

  • Few spiders bite, even when coaxed.

  • Fortunately, the bites of most spiders rarely break the skin and are less painful than an average bee sting.

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